Carthage - Temple of Caelestis (Restitution) - 222 BC

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Tunisia recognized in the Punic times a civil and economic prosperity as well as a huge military development. At the time of The Roman Empire, most of this cultural heritage was destroyed in fact that, in our day, what remains does not give the true image of the glory that Carthage has lived. One of the most prestigious monuments is the temple of Caelestis (222 BC). What remains of the site after the great destruction is not much. Therefore, I had the idea to contribute to the rebirth of this splendor through the recreation of this monument through the technology of 3D printing. This project is an invitation to dream and hope, the hope of living in a strong state, grateful to its glorious and pragmatic past in its exploitation, because the nations who do not respect their inheritance, will probably not have future.

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