pen holder, ANUBIS


This is a very decorative and elegant feather holder. For lovers of the Egyptian theme.

ANUBIS: is the Greek name of the guardian of the tombs associated with death and life. Represented as a large black canid lying on his stomach, probably a jackal or a wild dog, or as a man with a dog's head. The meaning of Anubis, Inpu in ancient Egyptian, Anub in Coptic, Ἄνουβις (Anoubis).

3D printing parameters

The model is composed of two pieces that are very easy to print. A small support for anubis, Layer height: 0.2 mm Wall thickness: 1.2 mm or more Filling: 20% Temperature: according to material Print speed: 70 mm / s lower Adhesion plate: edge

Design Files

File Size

Anubis base.stl
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