Star Wars the Clone Wars SCUBA Trooper Helmet



here i sell The Star Wars TCW Scuba Trooper Helmet (Season 4 where they attacked Mon Cala) . It is wearable and scaled 1:1 to the show (it fits me perfectly 186cm/88kg). It comes as one .stl, the Tubes in the Front and the Fin are Seperatly there are Marks you just need to glue them in place. However if you cant cut the Files to fit your Printer, just let me know and i´ll do that for you. I Printed those files myself already and i am currently fininshing it, pictures of the finished Prop will follow. Also stay tuned, in the next time I will maybe also release the TCW SCUBA Trooper Armor, so you can build your own Animated SCUBA Clone Trooper. If there are any Question just let me know.

Have a great day



This file is for personal use only, you are not allowed to earn money in any way possible with this 3D Model. You are also not allowed to share this file with someone, please respect my work.

Design Files

File Size

Phase 1 Scuba Trooper Helmet_Accessiors.stl
1.42 MB
Phase 1 Trooper Scuba Helmet.stl
15.5 MB


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