Compact CNC Router Dust Extractor Head

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Compact dust extraction head for small palm router used on my CNC machine. Was going to make a typical dust shoe, but wanted something neater and smaller to save on the amount of material used. Figured a 3D swept feature was also more efficient than a typical 2.5D design.

Fits a Makita RT0700CX4 style palm router and connects to a standard 38mm OD vacuum cleaner hose with a friction fit. Improvement would be to model a bit of a thread to suit the hose being used.

Simple grub screw fitment to router body, allowing easy access for tool changes or complete removal of the extractor quickly.

Slot in base for brush strip, I'm using a rolled section of draft excluder, but other materials would work fine to maintain a vacuum around the cutter when in contact with the work piece.

Mine was printed by a work colleague using work's kit, a FormLabs Form2 using the standard grey resin. Needed a bit of cleanup by hand to remove runs & drips (still a bit to do) and used my lathe to bore out for a better fit on the router.

Feel free to adapt as required, can easily be scaled to suit different diameter routers and cutters, have fun!

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0111.1 - CNC Router Vacuum Head.STL
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