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I designed this case to hold my spare nozzles for my Prusa i3. The case is printed in one piece with functional hinge and clip to keep the case closed when not in use. Never mislay those nozzles again. This one has text 'Nozzles 0.4mm' let me know if you would prefer one that just says 'Nozzles' or blank and i will add additional versions.

This version uses less supports as the top is printed directly off the build plate so only support required is for the hinge.

STL 'Nozzle_Case_Nozzles_Text.stl' = Top With text reading 'Nozzles' STL 'Nozzle_Case_0.4Text.stl' = Top With text reading 'Nozzles 0.4mm' STL 'Nozzle_Case_Blank_Top.stl' = Blank Top

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