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I've always been a fan of Thor having collect the comics since I was a child.  With the MCU Thor seeming to take over the world I thought it was time for people to remember the classic.  This is my take on the Helmet from "The Mighty Thor" Comics.  I have added a few embellishments just to jazz it up a bit, but it is still pretty true.

There are a few files you will need to mirror.  Namely the Horns and the Wings.  You might also want to break apart the celtic knots and the dragons for ease of printing.  You can do all of this in MeshMixer for free.

Edit 1:  Noticed the size was way off.  Scaled it down to a wearable size.  Separated out some files and mirrored the ones that needed it.

Edit 2: Repaired the wings so they fit correctly.  Added a display stand so you can proudly display your helm when you are not using it.

# Print Settings

Printer Brand: Creality Printer: CR-10 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 Infill: 20%

Notes:  You probably want to print the horns with 50% infill.  They can be a bit fragile.

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