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This is a Detail Kit for the fantastic CA-10/ZIS-150 RC truck from King Kong RC (

The construction and materials of this kit are awesome. But some details are missing, like. e.g. the air tanks, the exhaust, trailer hinge and a suitable motor (cover). So I've designed all these parts for my truck and would like to share them with you. All the images are taken from my final ZIS-150 truck.

I recommend to print all parts with ABS filament since it's easier to glue and more temperature stable. All parts can be printed with a standard printer but layer height should be 0.1 mm. For the very small parts (e.g. the logo) a raft is recommended.

Assembly instructions can be found in the attached PDF. 

Enjoy this detail kit and have lot's of fun with your CA-10/ZIS-150.

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Engine (10).stl
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Engine (5).stl
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Engine (1).stl
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Firewall (2).stl
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Engine (11).stl
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Engine (9).stl
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Engine (7).stl
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Engine (13).stl
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Engine (14).stl
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Engine (15).stl
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Engine (16).stl
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Firewall (1).stl
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Firewall (3).stl
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Firewall (5).stl
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Engine (2).stl
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Engine (3).stl
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Engine (4).stl
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Engine (6).stl
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Engine (8).stl
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Engine (12).stl
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King Kong RC CA-10 Detail Kit_Instructions.pdf
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