Dremel 4000 Table Mount


This is a table mount for a Dremel 4000 rotary tool. It uses a pair of zip-ties to hold its center bulk, laced through a pair of braces. The front and rear and both stabilized with separate brackets. The central braces are printed in halves and then held together using the feet, though a pair of mounting holes on the sides can be used for added stability.

File Information 

Center (print 4) 

PWR Cord (print 1) 

Front (print 1) 

Center foot (print 6) 

Front Feet (print 2)

Design Files

File Size

Dremel 4000 Mount Center set.stl
83.9 KB
Dremel 4000 Mount Center.stl
41.9 KB
Dremel 4000 Mount Front Foot.stl
15.9 KB
Dremel 4000 Mount Center Foot.stl
15.9 KB
Dremel 4000 Mount front.stl
12.2 KB
Dremel 4000 Mount PWR Cord.stl
6.33 KB


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