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Designed in 123D around an iPhone 5c with a hard shell case from RedBubble. Originally, only the L-brackets were printed and simply spaced apart to hold the phone in either a landscape or portrait orientation. However, the new floor runner base can hold the brackets in a variety of fixed positions. Farthest apart allows the best stability for app navigation and viewing while in landscape mode. Moving one bracket inwards is suitable for macro shots or for unboxing videos as it allows you to slide the phone so the lens is no longer covered. Closest together allows access to the home button while in portrait orientation.

Please note: you should scale up the floor runner for tolerances. In the included pictures, the stand was printed at 1.05 (5%) which allowed the L-brackets a small amount of play in the rectangles. Depending on your printer and filament swelling/shrinkage, I suggest experimenting with a fit that's just right for you.

While the floor runner does help reduce slipping and sliding on a surface (along with heavy infill), it's recommended you use rubber feet in the corners, a cut sheet of craft foam, double-sided foam tape, or even Velcro to add stability.

Also, not sorry for the name.

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