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So, I'm browsing All3DP when I see this Pi-Powered mini Gamecube from @sparrows89

And I think, "Yeah, that's pretty coo--!" and I see that Zelda disc just sitting there on the table, and now I'm mad. Granted, we're talking first-world problems levels of mad, but mad nonetheless. I hate it, hate it, hate it, hate it when people put their discs on tables. I don't care how careful you think you are or how indestructible you think your discs are or how little you think minor scratches affect your discs. STOP IT!

The Goddesses gave you a case for a reason.

Naked discs make DinFarore, and Nayru cry. Why you gotta be all Ganon-like on them?

Anyway, I know this is one of those problems where the people who need this aren't the type to go printing workarounds for, y'know, putting their damn discs in their cases, but I also get that you've got these marathon sessions where you're chilling with your friends and you decide to change gears from Mario Kart to Smash Bros. and dealing with those snaps in the cases over and over again gets to be tedious. Seriously, I get it. Hey, remember playing Riven back in the CD-ROM days and you had to change discs every time you went to a different island? Remember how much that bloody sucked!?

It's for these purposes that I present to you, my fellow gamers, the disc nips (come on, you were all thinking it). the smallest ones can be used with GCN discs or full CD, DVD, BD... etc., while the two models with arms are specifically for Gamecube games. Don't worry, there's the tiniest bit of clearance between the upper surface of the arms and where the data part of the disc is, so you're not trading one bad surface for another.

Yeah, physical media is dying, but you can still give it a good life.

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