Diablo FPV 5inch

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Racer FPV Diablo 5 Inch V1.

This is my current chassis is intended for a camera HS1177 2.5mm or equivalent. An FC 30.5x30.5 and individual esc in the arms 16mm max in width. In my config I have a VTX tramp, an FC kombini V1, a piggy OSD and a RX XSR.

It is an elongated X 210mm center distance weighing 90G with a 4mm chassis and a canopy taulman 645.

The canopy has been designed to be printed only in nylon.

To mount the canopy firmly i use titanium screws plastic thread

For those who can not cut even their chassis it is available on armattan production. Me I mounted a frame 4mm ultra solid but with back I think the 3mm is enough and can win some more grames. editing requires some experience because the place is reduced to the strict minimum

Frames 3mm.

https://armattanproductions.co... Frames 4mm.


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RackMultipart20180530-3410-1xgu9go.zip/bulle5p PC 2.5.STL
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