Lego Spider Man Toilet Roll Holder Bathroom Decor Hook Hanger

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A one of a kind spider man toilet roll holder for lego fans. Adults and kids love the classic lego man and now he can hold your toilet paper. Made by popular request and resembles the actual lego spider man. Don't get stuck with a boring bathroom, spice it up a bit with this unique decor. You will need 2 suction caps or strong double sided tape to attach to wall. This is a 30 hour print at 0.19 layer height. PLA or ABS is fine to use. I printed the head red then just painted the webbing black and eyes white. For the chest, you can add a pause and change filament to get the red and black. - You will need 2x 4cm Mushroom Head Suction Caps - Dimensions: 30cm High x 18cm Wide x 11 cm Depth - Made to fit 10cm long toilet rolls - Durable - Unique Item Remix: Lego_man. Holder toilet paper by vvk187

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new lego holder toilet.stl
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Spider Lego Toilet Body Chest.stl
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Spider Lego Toilet Body.stl
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Spider Lego Toilet Feet.stl
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Spider Lego Toilet Head.stl
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Spider Lego Toilet Legs.stl
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new lego hands toilet.stl
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