Mini Compound Bow and Arrow

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This mini compound bow is for educational purposes to help people learn the pulley mechanisms and get an overall feel. Definitely one of my favourite prints. The bow stands about 16cm tall and can shoot a good distance. I used builders string which is 'Braided Nylon' and some paper clips to hold the pulleys or you could use m1.6 bolt. This comes with an arrow but might be better making your own out of kebab sticks.

I have provided assembly instructions with pictures.

Print Settings: At least 20% Infill Layer Height: 0.1 to 0.15 Raft or No Raft Support only for Bow

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Compound bow anchor.stl
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Compound bow Arrow.stl
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Compound bow Cam.stl
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Compound bow Idler.stl
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Compound bow mini.stl
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Mini Compound Bow Instructions.pdf
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