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Summary Rev. C 4/14/2017 - Added some example scripts, .stl files and images to show just a few examples of what is possible. Rev. B 4/12/2017 - Added "twist" parameter to rotate lattice over length of egg for spiral like effects Rev. A 4/10/2017 - Added wallpaper groups and fixed a few bugs NOTE: Customizer might timeout if you make the resolution too high. In this case, you can still make your egg by downloading OpenSCAD and working offline. I find it much faster to work offline anyway, plus you can use your own objects as the feature use in the decoration on the egg. Have FUN above all and Happy Easter! Generates many Easter Egg patterns by setting a few customizable parameters. Includes "wallpaper group" (9 of 17) tiling options for many interesting effects. Allows printing of the decoration and egg separately for dual extrusion (assuming the geometry you specify will support it). Will make hollow eggs with the option to bisect and add a joiner to make a reusable container. Can be decorated on the inside or made smooth. Also, please check out my other Easter Egg makers from the past 3 years under "Remixed From". Includes the following customizable parameters: / [Decoration] / //Add or subtract decoration from egg (use feature depth to control amount)? operation="subtract"; //[subtract,add,decoration_only,egg_only] //Choose a feature to repeat? feature="square"; //[sphere,star,dot,triangle,square,diamond,pentagon,hexagon,octagon] //Set the relative size of the feature size_of_feature=100; //[1:250] //Number of horizontal loops; impacts pattern and render time (for larger values, use offline) ucount=8; //[3:16] //Number of vertical loops; impacts pattern and reander time (for larger values, use offline) vcount=8; //[3:16] //Set the relative depth of the feature feature_depth=10; // //Set the feature start angle (values like 0, 15, 30 and 45 work best) start_angle=0; // //How much feature rotation over the length of the egg (0 for none)? feature_rotation=0; // //Vary feature size (yes give a better appearance)? proportional="yes"; //[yes,no] / placement (wallpaper group) 9 of 17 / //Select a wallpaper group to control symmetry (google wallpaper group for more information) group="p1"; //[p1,p2,pm,pg,cm,pmm,pmg,pgg,p4] //Set some X offset to control the effect of the wallpaper group on symmetrical features (%). Xoffset=0; //[0:100] //Set some Y offset to control the effect of the wallpaper group on symmetrical features (%). Yoffset=0; //[0:100] //Set some X scaling to control the effect of the wallpaper group on symmetrical features (%) Xscaling=100; //[10:100] //Set some Y scaling to control the effect of the wallpaper group on symmetrical features (%) Yscaling=100; //[10:100] / [Size and Shape] / //Length of the egg (mm)?. egg_length=60; //[30:200] //What shape egg? (use 7 for a hen egg; 0 for a sphere; 100 for a blimp) egg_shape=7; //[0:100] //What percentage of the interior should be hollow (0 for totally solid) interior=85; //[0:95] //Do you want the inside to be smooth or decorated? (hollow bisected eggs only) inside="smooth"; //[smooth,decorated] / [Printing] / //Do you want it bisected? (IMPORTANT: YES for printing, NO during preview.) bisect="no"; //[yes,no] //Do you want to add a joiner to hold the egg together? (hollow bisected eggs only) joiner="attached"; //[attached,detached,none] //Set the spacing between parts on the build plate in mm spacing=2; //[2:10]

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