emoji smile cam cover

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emoji cam cover

Not the most simple print but designed to print in parts and then print as an inlay print.

this is printed on a creality with a .35 nozzle and layer height 0.2 with pla filament off the label by ctrl design

nozzle temp is 210 and bed temp is 62

Please make sure that al the prints are centered in your clicer.

step 1

print the parts of the emoji of your choice except the yellow or red parts.

step 2

print the smile yellow part 1

stay with the printer so you can turn back on the heated bed when the print is done.

do not remove the print from the bed but take the other parts of the emoji and place them in the print.

step 3

this is the tricky part. Make sure that you place this file ( smile part2) 1mm above the z 0. then run it trough the clicer and check if its 1 mm higher than the bed level 0. If you do not do this the nozzle will destroy the print.

If you do this right you can now start the print and it will go over the print witch is still on your bed with all the inlay parts.

step 4

measure the thickness of your device and then print the right comb clip file.

good luck printing

this is a design you can print but not sell copyright is with by ctrl design

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smile black by ctrl design.stl
50.2 KB
comp klip 40mm by ctrl design.stl
41.8 KB
comp klip 50mm by ctrl design.stl
37.8 KB
comp klip 30mm by ctrl design.stl
39.5 KB
smile yellow part2 by ctrl design.stl
119 KB
comp klip 10mm by ctrl design.stl
43.2 KB
comp klip 20mm by ctrl design.stl
42.5 KB
smile white by ctrl design.stl
46.2 KB
smile yellow part1 by ctrl design.stl
208 KB


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