V GOD atomizer tank+tsank with logo+top+inside mufer(4 files)


i have desing this set for vgod it is also the same  with the old vgod atomizer  (4 files ..tank with logo and without +top +spear part muf)

i printed with formlabs form 2 original dental rezin colored 

simple to ptint .the top must be printed upside down 

you will use orings to fit to the atomizer 17x1 or 18x1

you will find also the spear part for the atomizer fits perfeckt

check out my photo colecktion at www.3dhobbyprinting.com

Design Files

File Size

vgod rdta antalaktiko fardi.stl
1.5 MB
vgod rdta me logo.stl
11.8 MB
vgod rdta tzamaki.stl
3.05 MB
vgod top neo.stl
7.49 MB


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