MTL drip tip 3 tubes to choose

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this is a new MTL set with cup 

the cool thing is that you have 3 tubes with 2,  2,5  and 3mm holes to choose the best airflow  for your atomizer  with 1 cdrip tip cup 

resolution 50 microns 

resin material 

the cup must be printed up side down 

orings you need  iner diameter 6mm for 

4 files (3 tubes 1 cup)

perfect fit

look out my web site

contackt me for partner ship

Design Files

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adaptoras 2 xiliosta trypa.stl
3.54 MB
adaptoras 2,5 xiliosta trypa.stl
3.48 MB
adaptoras 3 xiliosta trypa.stl
3.4 MB
drip v1.stl
1.75 MB


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