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Summary Basic but effective cable organiser. needed one for my Lenovo miix so I decided to create one since the ones here didn't 'agree' with my thickish usb cable. it should fit all basic usb cables but was made for thicker ones like power cords (which should fit too). it consists of two parts. the bottom part with the spindle has a hole in the spindle. push the cable through there up to any length you want and then screw on the top part. you can super glue the threads so it doesn't move afterward (it doesn't need to; you can get the cable in and out of the hole without screwing off the top - I just did that to make it easier). from there, wrap the longer end of the cable around and and around (like a yoyo) while keeping the first 'shorter' section you first pushed through, stationary. to be honest, you can wrap it however it suits you. I tried not to make it too wide or bulky so it has deepish caverns to accommodate the cable. enjoy! Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Play Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .2 - .25 Infill: 25 - 35 Notes: the thicker the walls and infill, the stronger it will be, although i printed mine at 5% infill and 3 layer walls which is very low and it holds very good. it actually gives it some 'rock' when wrapping the cord so it can wrap easier but i dont think its necessary. and this thing made me choose printrbot play btw. i just use my modded simple metal (not that it matters, but just saying - fix that, thingiverse)

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