Takkar’s Dagger - Far Cry Primal - Game Design Contest

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Takkar’s Dagger - Far Cry Primal - Game Design Contest

This project was inspired in the videogame “Far Cry Primal”, which is set in the Mesolithic Age. The main character is Takkar and one of his weapons is a dagger. In the game, Takkar’s Dagger has a handle made of a mandibule attached to a blade made in flint and sharpen with pebble, To put these two parts together, a strap made of Mammoth leather is used.

This model is easily printed with detailed parts that can be painted afterwards to give it a more realistic look. There is a picture of it before and after painting. It really stands out with a proper finishing!

Hope you enjoy as much as I did with this project!

*A special thanks to “P1 Protótipos” (@p1prototipos) for kindly printing my project! Thanks!

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