Flatware Identifier in Braille

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Flatware Identifier in Braille

Flatware in a cup. How can you identify which one is the fork, the knife and the spoon? You pick one out and look at it, right? Now, without being able to look at it, how can it be distinguished? Touching the extremity of the object. Doing that every time might be impractical. It is even worse if the flatware is already in use, with food on it. I’m pretty sure that people with impaired sight wouldn’t be comfortable touching it and getting the hands dirty, specially if they are having dinner with someone else.

To solve this problem, the “Flatware Identifier in Braille” was designed. The yellow one is written “Fork” in braille, the red one “Knife” and the green one is “Spoon”. Besides the braille identification, there are different shapes on the edge for each type of flatware. Now someone with impaired sight will be able to identify a flatware by reading the tag. Just that simple.

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