Travel mug desk holder


Hi,  I designed this for my Nespresso Touch Travel mug that I like using both at home and at work.   After knocking it over a number of times, I decided to make a holder that clipped onto the end of my desk.  It will accommodate mugs up to diameters of around 8cms, but I'm planning on adding more models to accommodate bigger types soon.  Also planned is a slit on the side of the holder to allow for handles.

I've printed the holder on my Prusa i3 mk2s with the following settings.....

Layer height of 0.2mm

Top layers - 5  Bottom layers - 4

Infill - 20% Cubic (Rectilinear)

Printed with supports due to clamps at the back.

I used's PLA and it printed very nicely.

Design Files

File Size

Screw v3.stl
975 KB
Coffee desk holder.stl
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