2 pod Nespresso capsule refilling station


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Summary Hi, this is my first attempt at designing something to print. Fed up with paying out for original Nespresso capsules, I started looking into refillable ones. When I searched for filling stations on eBay/Amazon, the prices are way to high for what you get, so I designed this on Freecad (before I found Fusion 360!) Unfortunately, as I'm only starting out, I can't help with print settings etc. as I printed it on my Flashforge Finder with the easy print screen. There are four little holes in the base and middle part to allow magnets to be used to hold it down (as can be seen in my photo,) but I found that when using, the parts are tight enough that they stay in place. I've used my design with Sealpod refillable pods and it works well. I'm hoping to complete further designs for other amounts of pods in the future. Any questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try my best to answer. Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: Finder Rafts: No Supports: No Notes: Printed well with PLA 1.75mm on low and standard level printing on the Finder. Didn't change any settings as I was on the easy print screen level on the Flashforge's Flashprint program. Post-Printing

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