Payload platform for Phantom 4 Pro

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Hello Guys..

This is the payload platform design for Phantom 4 pro.. You know, other than the onboard camera, you cannot connect anything to the Phantom 4..

But, with this platform, you can connect many things, sensors, cameras, solenoids.. etc

And, since the long legs, drone stays above the ground, no more dirt on the camera.

Note: leg bars must be 8mm aluminum or so, prints for those will not strong enough..

Have fun..

Design Files

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Phantom 4 Platform - Clamps.STL
20.2 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - Counter weight.STL
36.2 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - Legs.STL
29.4 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - main bar 1.STL
86.8 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - main bar 2.STL
86.8 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - Pads.STL
172 KB
Phantom 4 Platform - Support.STL
302 KB


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