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Summary This is a customizable lever. In this case it was used to improve the function of the ION water filtration system. The buttons on the water filters tend to break with repeated use and become increasingly harder to press and make a connection. This is why I designed and created a lever to be place upon the filter to help ease the non-ergonomic pain of applying one's entire body weight, for one minute, on an index filter to retrieve water. This lever is not specific to just the water filter it can be customized and used in a variety of different ways. Such as helping to push or pull open a container, or as a door knocker. The uses of this design are limited only by one's imagination. Print Settings Printer Brand: Printrbot Printer: Simple Black Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.3 Infill: 25% Notes: No supports are needed. All parts are press fit. If yours do not fit you might need to scale the pins lower so that they fit into each other. Post-Printing No post work is needed unless your printed has a tendency to ooze and stringing might need to be removed. Please see the gif in the provided images for assembly. TO Attach. I used 3M double sided foam tape( This tends to hold really strong after about an hour because it is designed for picture frames and will keep the lever in place under extreme pressure. How I Designed This This model was designed in fusion360 after taking measurements of the design from the water filtration system. It was then ported into open-scad to allow for a customization design. The design is box and can shape to help with print quality by allowing for a strong design but requiring little to no support material. Assembly

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