Ultimaker Rp 1/8" Bowden Push Fit Connector


Summary Update: now tested, worked great as it was! Still untested design for mounting 1/8" pneumatic push fit connectors. The design is based on hugokernel's http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:177209 but was heavily modified (stripped down, some refined measurements and simplifications). I also modified the thread library, because I was unsure if the pitch was correctly calculated (may work without modification). I played around with hulls to achieve structural stiffness, hope you like it :) Update: introduced a correction factor to make the threading a perfect fit. So the 1/8" connection works now, last thing waiting for testing are the M3 hole distances, the diameters are also perfectly fitting. Instructions Turns out great with 0.06mm layer height, probably also with 0.1. All you need to do is print and drill the bottom of the connector. But be careful: stop drilling as soon as you hit the rubber sealing. Otherwise you'll screw the locking mechanism.

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