Magnetic Planetary Gear

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Summary The target of this project is to build a synchronous magnetic planetary gear. It's still under development, but I will keep this thing up to date. The idea is to replace regular teeth with contact- and thus friction- and lubeless magnets. Instructions To build it, simply make the models fit your magnets and bearings and put in the magnets opposing each other. 1st Rotor: 10 cylindrical Magnets, 5x1.6mm, 50mm diameter, magnets click in 2nd Rotor: still under development. Planets: 4 cylindrical Magnets, 5x1.6mm, 20mm diameter, 7x3x3mm Bearing held by two printed hulls, held by M3 bolts wich themselves are being installed using the comb spacer to the stator Sun: 2 cylindrical magnets, 5x1.6mm, has to be fitted with M3 winding for screwing onto the main axis.

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