Jedi Holocron (light-up with an LED tealight!)

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I consider this a remix (the idea is directly copied from the work of others) - Hence the files are available on Thingiverse, as were the originals I copied.  The Story:  I really liked Badkitty's version of the Jedi Holocron (also credit to Hambone211 for the original side panels modified by Badkitty!) with it's simple interlocking design, but for a little side project, I wanted to combine it with the really ingenious tealight adapter that MKotsamanes made for his Sith Holocron (

The whole design has been reduced from the original 10cm size down to 8cm, just because the tealights aren't too powerful, and it's more of a handholdable size for most people.

Additionally, since getting acrylic sheet in appropriate colours has become really difficult for some reason, I designed some simple 3D printable panel inserts that should be printed in your favourite translucent filament. To make this, you'll need to print: 1x Base 1x Top 2x Side 1 2x Side 2 5x Panel insert And then you'll want to get yourself a standard LED tealight. Yes, an electronic one. DO NOT USE A REAL CANDLE!  (The correct ones are 36mm across, but I think that's basically industry standard.)

Notes: There aren't any fine details on the vertical plane, so resolution doesn't make a difference. What's important is to have a good clean surface to print on, as everything is orientated to print with the eventual outside laying flat on the bed. I suggest printing the panel inserts with 100% infill or enough solid layers to make them solid. The top and sides are probably best built solid as well, but the base can have your preferred infill to save on material and make it lighter, if you wish.

Post-Printing Cleaning up any strings and giving the outer pieces a quick coat of spray paint will really bring this model to life, but it should look presentable just glued together after printing, whichever you prefer.

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