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Introducing The Clockwork pen carousel by DRI. A fun and engaging way to put your favorite pens on display. Based on the popular pen carousel. With this new version, the trays will always be in the upright position thanks to having gears that will ensure they will always be in the upright position. Including In this new design is 3 different types of trays for customization to fit your needs. Besides for a 3D printer and filament, the only other materials required are 12 M3x12mm screws Detailed photographic assembly instructions can be found here -

UPDATE - I have now included a smaller two-piece main shaft for smaller printers With limited size build plates. All that is required to complete the shaft is to print 2 of the two-piece shafts and screw them together with 4 M3x10 screws

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Transfer gear.stl
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Clockwork housing.stl
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2 piece main shaft.stl
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Main shaft.stl
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Tray 1.stl
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Shaft bushing.stl
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Sun gear.stl
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Transfer gear plate.stl
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Tray 2.stl
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Tray 3.stl
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Tray gear.stl
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Clockwork base.stl
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