Jewelry Pack - Bracelet Wristband Pendant Military Dog Tag Heart


Grab a must-have 3d printed jewelry pack with 4 designs. This comes with a braided bracelet, hexagon bracelet, dog tag and love heart. The bracelets come with engravings "Happy Bday" and "Gday Mate" but I also added blank bracelets if you wanted to add your own engraving.

Print settings: - Print time about 1hr - Layer Height 0.1 or 0.15 - No Support

Design Files

File Size

CUSTOM Braided bracelet.stl
1.75 MB
CUSTOM Braided Braclet Blank.stl
1.32 MB
CUSTOM heart.stl
1.67 MB
CUSTOM Hexagon Bracelet Blank.stl
206 KB
CUSTOM Hexagon Bracelet.stl
643 KB
CUSTOM tag.stl
1.42 MB


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