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This tripod can turn 360 degrees and also tilt up and down for maximum

filming efficiency. It has adjustable legs and mount pole so you can choose your height appropriately.  You will need a rubber band for the ‘Iphone holder’ which holds the Iphone in place. Watch the  Youtube Video

Shoot in stationary or follow cam to get that perfect shot.

Design Files

File Size

1 tripod low leg x3.stl
344 KB
2 tripod upper leg screw x3.stl
130 KB
3 tripod upper leg.stl
607 KB
4 tripod mount rod.stl
10.4 KB
5 tripod mount lower.stl
846 KB
6 tripod mount screw.stl
132 KB
7 tripod iphone holder.stl
1.22 MB
8 tripod iphone holder top.stl
408 KB
9 tripod swivel screw.stl
337 KB


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