Gamora Belt Buckles Vol.2

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Summary This is Gamora's belt buckles from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Sni9er made a great set of buckles, but after printing I realized they were from Vol. 1. She changed her buckles for Vol. 2. Each Buckle is designed in two parts for easier printing then glued together. They then just slide on the belt. These were scaled to my wife's 30mm belt, so You will need to scale them accordingly. The belt case is the only part that needs support for the belt loop indention. I did the best I could with images I found. Mine are a little small, because I scaled to the belt in the pictures and the belts I'm using are a little smaller. They should scale up just fine. This is my first designed and published model. I hope someone else finds it useful. Enjoy.(Sword in photo is not included, it is by TheSonOfEgo thing:2442011) Print Settings Printer: CR-10 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: .15-.2 Infill: 10%-20% Notes: Supports are only needed when printing the belt case for the belt loop hole. I did the face of the Buckles and Case in .15. Belt loops were done in .2 Resolution. Also the belt case was done at 10% infill. Everything Else was 20%. Post-Printing You will need to print: Buckle Base x 5 Buckle 1 x 2 Buckle 2 x 2 Buckle 3 x 1 Buckle 4 x 1 Belt Case x 1 (Includes Belt Loop Insert which will need sanding to fit) Glue all together. How I Designed This This was designed in Fusion 360.

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