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This is a complete remodeling of a WLtoys A959 RC carl. All parts have been rebuilt within the original critical dimensions of the stock car all parts should be compatible with the stock RC (Will also work with other WLtoys models as well). All metal parts are not included as those parts need to be made of metal. I have increased some dimensions to achieve more strength and durability. All parts are designed to be 3D printed. Inside the WLtoys A959.rar file down below contains every part that you see in the picture including an additional photo with arrows identifying part locations to aid in identifying broken parts. If you have any questions or problems please leave a comment. Please feel free to remix.

Diffs can be found here -

Axles can be found here -

Drive shaft can be found here -

Planetary Gears can be found here -

Ball Head Screw can be found here -

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Design Files

File Size

Differential housing top.stl
442 KB
C seat.stl
492 KB
Differential Cup.stl
199 KB
Differential housing bottom.stl
250 KB
Front-Rear bumper.stl
177 KB
Tie rod.stl
249 KB
Front-Rear Shock tower plate.stl
628 KB
Idler arm.stl
271 KB
Passenger Side wing brace.stl
430 KB
upper deck plate.stl
655 KB
Rear Camber link.stl
238 KB
Rear hub.stl
195 KB
Rear Swing arm.stl
426 KB
368 KB
Servo Bracket.stl
71.4 KB
Shell Bracket.stl
187 KB
Bearing seat.stl
55.4 KB
354 KB
220 KB
Drag link.stl
281 KB
Drive shaft.stl
449 KB
driver side wing brace.stl
428 KB
Front camber link.stl
257 KB
Front Hub.stl
302 KB
Front Swing arm.stl
487 KB


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