Ender Dragon Spool Hex Nut Cap


Summary Tagline: A cool mod no proud Ender-2 printer owner should be without! :) Print Settings Printer Brand: Creality Printer: CR-10 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 15% Notes: This can be printed with a single color/process (and then later painted, if desired), but I sliced it as a multi-process job (as I never tried it before), so will offer here my (S3D) settings if you wanted to go down that road. Position: X Offset: 37.21 mm Y Offset: 71.00 mm Z Offset: 8.00 mm Scaling: Scale: 100% Rotation: 0 deg (all axes) Processes: Process1: hex nut cap (and a small part of "mane" from the head) Advanced tab / Layer Modifications / Stop printing at height: 8.80 Process2: dragon head Advanced tab / Layer Modifications / Start printing at height: 8.80 Supports are needed (sparsely) under the cap, but not from the outside. Orientational time and costs: Build time: 0 hours 23 minutes Filament length: 1531.4 mm Plastic weight: 4.60 g (0.01 lb) Material cost: 0.14 How I Designed This measured and drew the hex nut cap in F360 added a circular background (as a head motif would look better on it than on hex) extruded the head from a simplified logo version I captured from the device boot screen (see original Thing / Remixed From for details)

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