Control Box (4020) Fan Mount for Ender-2

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Summary This mount is designed with this one idea in mind: compatibility with 40x40x20 mm fan sturdiness Let's start over. This mount is designed with two ideas in mind: compatibility with 40x40x20 mm fan sturdiness blocking of backdraft beside the fan (as much as possible) This mount is designed with numerous ideas in mind! ;) Spanish inquisition aside, why put 20 mm depth fan when 10 mm stock fan was in originally, you ask? Well, more depth = less noise with same airflow (cfm). Generally speaking and depending on design, of course! And such depth is possible -- see installed photo (one taken from top of control box). On "blocking of backdraft" aspect: as the fan is blowing the air in, because of the enclosed design of the box, various cables and components will reflect it and, as the largest "escape hole" is there at the back where the fan is, the air will try to exit that way as quickly as possible (non-cooperative air, damn you!). So, closing that back opening is in the best interest of cooling the board and components on it. For assembly, you'll need: a 40x40 fan with maximum depth of 20 mm (DUH!), 2-4 M4x25 bolts, 2-4 M4 (locking) nuts Fans which I use and would recommend (tech. specs site links, not webshop): or Print Settings Printer Brand: Creality Printer: Ender 2 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 mm Infill: 40% Notes: Printed it from PETG with Full Honeycomb infill pattern. Post-Printing First assemble the fan on the mount and then fix them in the control box (using the bolts that held the stock fan mount).

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