Spool Holder - Mounted or Tabletop (Two Sizes)


I've been developing a fully enclosed 3D printer specialised for educational use in schools and it's also great for micro-batch production of functional parts. It will be a fully open-sourced design when finished but for now, I'm  uploading a few components that I'm happy with and has proven to work well. 

Here is the SUNBIRD MISSION's tough and easy to use spool holder which works either mounted as shown or just sitting on your desk. It comes in two sizes; for regular spools up to 70mm wide and wider ones up to 100mm. I've also included the filament guide for use with a direct feed system, hopefully useful to anyone with a printer enclosure too. 

All parts have been designed to work great and print with zero supports, with the exception of the spindle which needs a little support since it has a rounded profile. As for the rest, just re-orient the parts flat side down.  I suggest using a slightly wider nozzle for dramatically faster prints and stronger parts. Set the print for 2 perimeter walls and at least 35% infill, Spools can be heavy!

To use, hold the spool in position, slide the spindle through the center and rotate 180 degrees while giving the two arms a bit of a squeeze to lock the spindle in.

Hope you like it.

There's more information about the build here - http://www.towsdynamics.com/su...

Design Files

File Size

Spool Holder 75mm.stl
4.49 MB
Spool Holder 100mm.stl
4.44 MB
Filament Guide.stl
2.53 MB
Spool Holder Spindle for 100mm.stl
2.28 MB
Spool Holder Spindle for 75mm.stl
2.16 MB


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