Ultimaker 2 E3D v6 adapter


Summary These are the parts for the next iteration of my E3D adapter. Goals Refresh the design to use v6 heatbreak, dual material with ability to independently level nozzle height, maintain same Z height as stock, and 1.75 filament option. First run of machined aluminum parts can be found here. Print Settings Notes: Mounting plate with integrated air guide for E3D adapter, I recommend using Polycarbonate. . Blower shroud is designed for radial fan found here here and for heat set brass insets Lever arm, is for UM2+ styled extruder and replaces stock arm, this shifts the bearing 1.2mm closer to the drive gear enabling 1.75mm filament to be driven, recommend using Polycarbonate. To convert to 1.75 diameter filament, sleeve the 6mm ptfe bowden tube using 2mm ID x 3mm OD tubing, this can be found on aliexpress. you will need to fabricate a plug to prevent the sleeve from being pulled back into the extruder. The plug 3d file is on my todo list.

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