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Summary Update 10/12/2016 : with the plethora of good/great extruders now available I have not continued development on this project. I'm leaving it here for posterity. This is an idea i'm playing with to replace the stock extruder on my RostockMax2 I'm waiting on a MK7 drive gear so this has not been tested yet. Built like a tank. Designed with flexible filament in mind for NEMA 17 Comments, suggestions are welcome updated file names and added clockwise and counter clockwise versions. Instructions Printed in ABS .1mm layer, 1mm walls 50% fill, supports Parts needed: Qty 3 M3-32 x 20 mm Qty 1 Shoulder Screw, 3 mm Diameter x 4 mm Long Shoulder, M2 Thread Qty 3 4mm Diameter x 12mm Long Shoulder, M3 Thread Qty 1 Grove mount bowden adaptor 3mm Qty 1 623-2RS Bearing Qty 1 MK7 Drive Gear Qty 1 Century Spring Corp C-624 Compression Spring, 3/8" OD

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