nema 17 riser pad (openscad)

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I got tired of designing the same nema 17 stepper motor riser pad (spacer) over and over again, so I made a module in OpenSCAD that is parametric to my changing needs.  I'm sure 1000 other people have designed similar parts, but if you need a nema 17 spacer that is 3mm thick or one that is 30mm or 300mm thick with or without an opening to drive a GT2 belt and think it's really cool (or not) to have additional openings to deal with pulley wheel grub screws without having to disassemble the machine -- this might be for you.  I've moved to OpenSCAD for nearly all of my models and am shocked at how often I reuse them as modules for more complex designs.  Use the .scad file (text: remove the .txt extension) to make the riser .stl you need or use as an included module to make a mount for a direct drive extruder system or any nema 17 stepper axis.  Just change a single number (riser thickness) and 2 booleans (belt opening, grub openings) to make your part...

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