Spock Leonard Nimoy Sculpt Figurine


I sculpted Spock as a commission for my uncle whose a huge Star Trek Fan. I wanted to make the files avaliable to everyone whose a fellow Treky. He's hollowed to save on resin costs.

SLA / DLP Recommended for printing. 50, 30 or 25 in z axis microns


The body and Head are one piece. The left arm is a separate keyed piece so sanding and supports can easily reach the fingers and arm pit areas. 

Oriented parts with no support. Each part is hollowed.

I printed him at 30 or 25 microns. I don't remember. 

Light sanding on the arm key maybe required. Arm and body keys don't form a perfect fit so a touch of Tamiya Putty should fix the gaps negative space

Design Files

File Size

34.9 MB


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