Dante's Inferno crucifix

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This is the model of the crucifix that Dante use as weapon in the game Dante's Inferno. The model is about 33cm long and 21cm wide, I modelled it and then splitted it so it's easy to print and assemble, you can print it horizontal or vertical, as explained below. 

Print and assembly instruction: 

-Horizontal print: if your bed is big enough you can print the  "horizontal main body big print" file x2, "peg 10mm" x5 and "gem" x2, then simply glue pegs into one of the two main body and then glue the other piece of the main body, the last step is to glue gems in place; if you have a small print bed simply print "horizontal main body small print" x2 and "horizontal main body small print (1)" x2 instead of "horizontal main body big print". 

 -Vertical print: same procedure as horizontal print, simply use the "vertical......." files and "peg 8mm" x4 instead.

 One wise man said: one image is worth more than 1000 words, so attached you can find an image that explain how to build this prop (in the image are represented "small pieces" printed vertically, but the procedure is the same for everything) 

 General print settings: 0.2mm layer height, 3 bottom layers, 4 top layers, 3 perimeters, 15% infill, no supports. Print the gem at 0.1mm layer height to obtain a smoother surface.

PS: before gluing all together check if pieces align correctly, if not please clean edges/meeting surfaces with medium/fine sandpaper or small file.

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vertical main body small print (1).stl
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vertical main body big print.stl
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horizontal main body small print (1).stl
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horizontal main body big print.stl
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horizontal main body small print.stl
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peg 10mm.stl
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peg 8mm.stl
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vertical main body small print.stl
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