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This is a rugby inspired trophy, I designed it to be printed without any supports, built in pegs/holes helps to align the pieces (they are not a snug fit). I used standard ca glue to attach the pieces together. I printed it at 0.1mm layer height to obtain the smoothest surface finish (I did not paint  it) and to help with the top overhang of tha main body (witch is quite challenging at 0.2mm but for me at 0.1mm worked at the first attempt). The main body can be printed with a very low infill percentage all the way up to about 2/3 of the model heigth, then to avoid holes on the top surface I used an higher infill percentage. I also suggest a brim to help stabilizing the printing process of the main body. There are two "base" models included: one with a flat bottom and one with holes/peg to attach the trophy to a wooden base. The complete model is about 24cm tall (about 9.4 inches)

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