Mounting Bracket IPE180

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Mounting Bracket for I-beam IPE180 flip it around the Y-axis -90° edge to the printing surface (see last picture) For example: you can use 2 brackets and a broomstick as a clothes rail .. for a sunblind .. for a hanging basket ..

Printer: Multirap M420 Print Settings: Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0,2 mm Infill: ~80 % Notes: I nozzleØ: 0,5 mm I FilamentØ: 2,85 mm I 4 Top Solid Layers I 4 Bottom Solid Layers I I 2 Outline/Perimeter Shells I Filament length: ~ 6,05 m I Plastic weight: ~ 49 g (0.11 lb) I

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