hubcover Fiat 4 x 98 mm

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Hubcover for my Fiat Doblò Malibu

fit's also on other Fiat / Alfa Romeo / Lancia with 4 wheel bolts 4 x 98 mm (Panda, 500, Stilo, Barchetta, Punto, Qubo, ..)

designed for 15" Steel Rims

Print it in less brittle Filament (like Simona Simogreen PLA-HT, Innofill PRO1, ..)

Tested a few weeks if it works well before i put it online

Print it in a nice color for your girlfriend / wife's car to get a better WAF* for your 3D-printing hobby :-) *WomanAcceptanceFactor

Print Settings: Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0,15 - 0,2 mm Infill: ~ 30% Notes: I nozzleØ: 0,5 mm I FilamentØ: 2,85 mm I 5 Top Solid Layers I 5 Bottom Solid Layers I I 3 Outline/Perimeter Shells I Filament length: ~ 9 m I Plastic weight: ~ 72 g (0.16 lb) I ~4h I

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