Traffic Cone for RC Car office races


Traffic Cone for RC Car races in the office :-)

e.g. for the "Team Associated APEX 1:18 Touring Cars", "HPI Micro RS4", "Maverick iON RX" or the "XRAY M18"

"curbs design" second part is closed at the bottom to put weight in it for better stand (water, sand, grit, ..)

printed in 3 Processes with Simplify3D red PLA . . / stop printing @ 20 mm white PLA / start printing @ 20mm , stop printing @ 50 mm red PLA . . / start printing @ 50 mm

Printer: Multirap M420 Print Settings Rafts: No  Supports: No  Resolution: 0,2 mm  Infill: 40% Notes: I nozzleØ: 0,5 mm I FilamentØ: 2,85 mm I 4 Top Solid Layers I 4 Bottom Solid Layers I I 2 Outline/Perimeter Shells I Filament length: ~ 4,8 m I Plastic weight: ~ 39 g (0.08 lb) I

Slicer Simplify3D

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