Simple bait release for line casting by drone.


An adjustable bar with a pull-out clip to drop you baited fishing line by drone when you want to cast way out to the good spot.  The bar and legs are printed with several 2mm holes that fit small cotter pins and will adjust to many drone models with parallel legs.  Just attach your line to the clip at the weight and let the bait hang below, when you reach your spot either tug the line a little to release the clip, or just let the drone fly forward while you hold the line until the clip slides out and the line drops right where the big ones are. This is a tried and tested method of long distance drone casting that works without the expense of electronic bait release mechanisms or clumsy cloths pin setups.  Printed here with PLA at 200c.   I added a rubber strip inside the legs from a small inner tube for extra holding and support.

Design Files

File Size

Bait release clip.stl
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Adjustable leg.stl
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Adjustable bait release bar.stl
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