Rotorx Atom V3 Micro Swift camera mount

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Summary Remixed to use the new Micro Swift Camera. Set at the maximum camera angle without cutting up the canopy. 28 degrees. UPDATE: 8/9/17 Added a mount for the 2.3 lens. Now it clips into the gap between the lens and lock ring for a secure hold. Made to tightly slide over and clip in. Designed for TPU. UPDATE 5/19/17: Added STL file for micro swift mount with 2mm holes as requested by some users. I don't have a V1 frame with 2mm holes so I'm not able to verify if the hole line up right on the frame. UPDATE: 5/23/17 Added a 35 degree mount. It took hours to design and get it to fit right. I had to reduce the thickness of the mount to push the camera forward a little to clear the cube. As always its free, but if you're going to sell it on your websites at least buy me a beer.

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