Hyperlite Floss Micro Swift camera mounts

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Summary UPDATE: After some testing re-designed the mount to V3. It curves better and eliminates more jello when props are not exactly new. UPDATE: I found it a little annoying that I could not tighten the screws so I re-deigned it and made a 30 degree curve which sets the cam back about 5mm so you can get to the screws. I also found the 1.5mm Z thickness is about perfect. Decided to make this file due to all the complaints about jello. i have never experienced it yet but these mounts should help. Original file is 2mm thick. You can play with the thickness (Z height) to suit your needs. Printed in TPU I also created more prints for the floss. It can be found here >>>> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2413459

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