Flag for anything, yes, anything.


Summary Need to get someone's attention? I got the proportions and inspiration from Tackleberry, Rubermaid Mail Box Flag. This was my fourth 'honey-do' task from my wife. She has finally accepted my 3D printing hobby and has begun to think of the possibilities. Print Settings Printer Brand: FlashForge Printer: Creator Pro Supports: Yes Notes: I printed as you see it, with support underneath the flag. Post-Printing Toothpaste has a fine grit A little too tight? The flag snaps onto the cap, and you glue the outside of the cap onto something. I had to work the flag back and forth, with a little toothpaste. Then washed it all off. I think that it should be tight, so the flag can be at any attitude. How I Designed This Blender 3D

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