Ship - Wargame medieval to napoleonic

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Ship (commercial)

This 3D file is intended to be beautiful and very SIMPLE to print. Designed to be printed without support, even on a 3D printer with a volume of 20x20x20. 

PAY ATTENTION : The 28mm version need a 30x30 printer !

All the scales most used in the wargame are present: 

  • 6mm
  • 10mm
  • 15mm
  • 20mm (1/72)
  • 28mm

The larger the scale, the more detail (in 20 and 28mm, there are for example floors on the ground). 

From the "Medieval to Napoleonic collection", many others are available for you to make a superb game table cheaply and pro quality.

Design Files

File Size

Bateau 20mm mâts 1.stl
94.5 KB
Ponton 6mm.stl
790 KB
Mâts 1 15mm.stl
65.1 KB
Bateau 20mm mâts 3.stl
145 KB
Bateau 15mm arrière.stl
1.06 MB
Ponton 28mm.stl
785 KB
Ponton 15mm.stl
785 KB
Mâts 2 15mm.stl
84.7 KB
Bateau 28mm mâts 2.stl
94.2 KB
Bateau 28mm avant.stl
1.37 MB
Bateau 20mm mâts 4.stl
3.99 KB
Bateau 20mm mâts 2.stl
21.2 KB
Bateau 20mm avant.stl
3.81 MB
Bateau 15mm avant.stl
3.81 MB
Bateau 10mm.stl
4.7 MB
Bateau 6mm.stl
6.93 MB
Bateau 10mm mâts.stl
236 KB
Bateau 20mm arrière.stl
1.06 MB
Bateau 28mm arrière.stl
1.06 MB
Bateau 28mm centre.stl
2.31 MB
Bateau 28mm mâts 1.stl
171 KB
Mâts 3 15mm.stl
75.2 KB
Mâts 4 15mm.stl
3.99 KB
Ponton 10mm.stl
785 KB
Ponton 20mm.stl
785 KB


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