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Summary Designed in AutoDesk Fusion 360 with absolutely no planning other than it had to fit overtop all the current character pieces my D&D set had, not sure how scaling will affect this but please feel free to try and let me know! Hope you enjoy, my youtube channel will feature a video of the design process and a print review should you be interested in that sort of thing. Thanks! Brian @ 3DLayerz Print Settings Printer Brand: Robo 3D Printer: R1 ABS + PLA Model Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: No Resolution: 0.1 Infill: 15% Notes: I printed this in MakerBot red translucent filament at 200c with a bed temp of 60c and 70mm/s speed. Some stringing occurred at the top inside and feature sides, this might be due to filament issues or speed or both. Post-Printing Cleanup Any stringing should come off easily with a hobby knife or even a lighter for the really fine stringing.

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